Nightwatchman heads to Cheltenham!

The Nightwatchman is off on its travels, with 25 or so of its contributors appearing in the Waitrose tent at the Cheltenham Literature Festival between 3 and 12 October.

Marcus Berkmann, Rob Steen, David Tossell, Nick Hogg, David Franklin, Mike Harfield, Emma John, Tanya Aldred, Justin Parkinson, Charlie Campbell, Robert Winder, Harry Pearson, Jackie Litherland, Dan Waddell, Jarrod Kimber, Richard Beard, Jonathan Wilson, Tom Holland, Liam Herringshaw, John Crace, Mike Jakeman, Vaneisa Baksh, James Holland, Scott Oliver and Alex Massie will be in conversation with Jon Hotten and Dan Norcross, talking about a wide range of cricket-related subjects.

The timetable looks like this:


Friday 3th – Marcus Berkmann at 3.40pm; Rob Steen & David Tossell at 7.30pm


Saturday 4th – Rob Steen at 11am, David Tossell at 3.40pm and Nick Hogg & David Franklin at 7.30pm


Sunday 5th – Nick Hogg at 11am, Mike Harfield at 3.40pm and Emma John & Tanya Aldred at 7.30pm


Monday 6th – Justin Parkinson at 11am and Charlie Campbell at 4.30pm


Tuesday 7th – Robert Winder at 11am and Harry Pearson & Jackie Litherland at 3.40pm


Wednesday 8th – Dan Waddell & Harry Pearson at 11am and Jarrod Kimber at 3.40pm


Thursday 9th –¬†Jarrod Kimber at 11am and Richard Beard & Jonathan Wilson at 3.40pm


Friday 10th РTom Holland & Liam Herringshaw at 11am,  John Crace & Jonathan Wilson at 3.40pm and Tom Holland, Liam Herringshaw & John Crace at 7.30pm


Saturday 11th – Mike Jakeman & Vaneisa Baksh at 11am, James Holland & Mike Jakeman at 3.40pm and James Holland & Vaneisa Baksh at 7.30pm


Sunday 12th – Scott Oliver at 11am and Alex Massie & Peter Gibbs at 3.40pm