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The Nightwatchman
What do they know of cricket who only cricket know?
CLR James
The NW
A quarterly collection of essays and long-form articles, published by Wisden and on sale here and now
Novelists, historians, poets, cricket journalists, students, or indeed anyone with something interesting to say about the beautiful game

Issue 10 of The Nightwatchman is now available to purchase in both print and e-book formats

Issue 10

The tenth issue of The Nightwatchman is out now. Having made it to double figures, we’re starting to play a little more expansively…

Editor’s choice

Editor Anjali Doshi makes her selection from issue 10. Anjali has selected Australian writer Geoff Lemon’s incisive piece on women in cricket.

Fun and fundraising

June 3 saw The Nightwatchman host our latest, devilishly tricky quiz, this time in aid of the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation.