NEW! The Nightwatchman Podcast


Monday May 23 saw the launch of The Nightwatchman Podcast sponsored by Rathbones. Eight episodes are available to download now, with additional episodes due for release this summer.

Written and presented by award-winning journalist and author Jon Hotten and produced by SJA nominated cricket writer James Wallace, the series features an array of the most respected and popular voices in cricket media, as well as ­­­– in typical Nightwatchman fashion ­– contributors from other walks of life, including historian Tom Holland and comedian Tim Key.

The eight episodes each have a distinct theme, with subject matter ranging from the spirit of cricket to bats and batting to “Is cricket funny?” With more than six-and-a-half hours’ worth of engaging, enlightening and entertaining cricket-related discussion, the series is guaranteed to be a hit not only with readers of the Nightwatchman’s quarterly collection of long-form writing but also with anyone who enjoys cricket’s rich history and unique culture.

Full list of episodes and guests

  • The Mystery of Cricket ­– With Tom Holland, Osman Samiuddin and Jarrod Kimber
  • Is Cricket Funny? ­– With Marcus Berkmann, Sam Perry and Tim Key
  • On Bats And Batting ­– With Gideon Haigh, Mark Ramprakash and B3 bat-maker Michael Blatherwick
  • Both Sides Of The Boundary ­– With Mike Atherton
  • Writing About Cricket ­– With Tanya Aldred and Vithushan Ehantharajah
  • Talking About Talking About Cricket ­– With Daniel Norcross and Isabelle Westbury
  • The Spirit Of Cricket ­– With Mike Brearley
  • On Tour And Touring  With Scyld Berry and David Woodhouse


All eight episodes are available to download now on most podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify and Amazon.


The inaugural episode – hosted by James Gingell and All Out Cricket‘s Phil Walker – features Dan Norcross, radio renegade turned Test Match Special trouper, and Sam Perry, creator of the cult book on Australian club cricket, The Grade Cricketer.


We discuss their unorthodox CVs, their favourite cricket books, and their gripes with the modern game. Also listen out for what Samuel Beckett has to do with cricket, who wishes they had streaked at a World Cup Final, and why the sport we love is the cruellest of all.