The Pinch Hitter – Issue 4 out now

The fourth issue of the Pinch Hitter, an interactive digital magazine, is now available to read via the link below.

The magazine was set up in response to the current pandemic and the knock-on effect this has, and will continue to have, on freelance writers. You can read more about the birth of the Pinch Hitter here.

In order to fund this in the short term, TriNorth Communications (who produce the Nightwatchman and Wisden Cricket Monthly as well as The Blizzard and Gridiron magazines) staff have sacrificed 20% of their salary.

It will not be possible to fund the Pinch Hitter without additional income forever of course. You are able to support the Pinch Hitter, either by making a one-off donation, donating every time you read an issue, or paying whatever you can afford whenever you can afford it.

Payment can be made in the following ways:

1) Via direct bank transfer to the Pinch Hitter’s bank account (This is the best way to donate because bank fees are lower than PayPal fees)

Account name: Pinch Hitter
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Account number: 71515934

2) Via this Paypal button (Paypal account not required)

Support with PayPal

ALL of the money that goes from the general public into the Pinch Hitter bank and PayPal accounts will be used to continue producing the Pinch Hitter, paying freelancers worldwide to write brilliantly about what they love.



Inside issue 4…

Best & Worst: Teammates From best buddies to bust-ups

Calling The Shots podcast Broadcasters Adam Collins and Dan Norcross present the third part of their definitive series on commentary

Usman Khawaja Exclusive interview with the spiky stylist

Shifting sands How Sharjah became a unifying force for cricket

Maelstroms in Mumbai A photo essay from the symbolic hub of modern cricket

Darren Stevens exclusive “I feel like I’m at the start of my career”

Book cricket Authors CC stalwarts on combining their passions

The Invincible cap Finding life in the old Baggy Green

The Innings I Wish I’d Seen Trumper’s Mancunian masterpiece

Disabled cricket Alison Mitchell talks to five frontline cricketers

Thinking outside the box Introducing the inventor of the humble groin safeguarder

The Pinch Hitter Quiz: One hit wonders Steven Lynch on those marvellous one-offs

Verse swing ‘Early Season’, by Will Burns

Happy reading!

Matt Thacker
TriNorth Ltd