The Pinch Hitter – Issue 3 out now

The third issue of the Pinch Hitter, an interactive digital magazine, is now available to read via the link below.

The magazine was set up in response to the current pandemic and the knock-on effect this has, and will continue to have, on freelance writers. You can read more about the birth of the Pinch Hitter here.

In order to fund this in the short term, TriNorth Communications (who produce the Nightwatchman and Wisden Cricket Monthly as well as The Blizzard and Gridiron magazines) staff have sacrificed 20% of their salary.

It will not be possible to fund the Pinch Hitter without additional income forever of course. You are able to support the Pinch Hitter, either by making a one-off donation, donating every time you read an issue, or paying whatever you can afford whenever you can afford it.

Payment can be made in the following ways:

1) Via direct bank transfer to the Pinch Hitter’s bank account (This is the best way to donate because bank fees are lower than PayPal fees)

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ALL of the money that goes from the general public into the Pinch Hitter bank and PayPal accounts will be used to continue producing the Pinch Hitter, paying freelancers worldwide to write brilliantly about what they love.



Inside issue 3…

  • Best & Worst: Crowd interventions From moppers to rioters
  • Keaton Jennings interview The trials and triumphs of being a Test match opener
  • The meaningful silence of Graeme Hick How the ‘official enigma’ stole the show by saying nothing
  • Planet Cricket Emily Marshall rounds up the best of the last fortnight’s social media
  • Zimbabwe: then and now How a proud cricket nation came back from the brink
  • A cricket life: Peter Willey The England batsman turned international umpire on a life spent in the game
  • Calling The Shots podcast Broadcasters Adam Collins and Dan Norcross present the second part of their definitive series on commentary
  • King pairs The short history of a most unusual indignity
  • Lock-Don! In the explosive season finale, the boys plan a surprise party for Gordon Greenidge’s birthday
  • The things we miss Tanya Aldred laments the slamming shut of the press box doors
  • SAVE THE OVAL How close did the grand old ground come to ruin?
  • Backyard coaching What coaches are doing to keep their hand in
  • The Pinch Hitter Quiz: Famous ducks Steven Lynch on those pesky blobs

Contributors: Tanya Aldred, Liam Brickhill, James Buttler, Adam Collins, Kit Harris, Jon Hotten, Mike Jakeman, Dan Liebke, Steven Lynch, Emily Marshall, Dan Norcross, Scott Oliver, Richard Spiller

Happy reading!

Matt Thacker
TriNorth Ltd