Nightwatchman online quiz – Wednesday 15 April

It’s the start of the cricket season, and we were due to host a Nightwatchman quiz at the Kia Oval, so we thought we’d do one anyway.

This Wednesday, 15 April,  at 8.30pm BST we will be running a quiz via Facebook Live on our Facebook page, hosted by our usual quizmaster, Marcus Berkmann. If it goes well and enough people enjoy it, we’ll keep doing them at regular intervals until, well, until…

It should all be pretty straightforward. Get your team together and find a way to communicate – zoom, houseparty, WhatsApp, talking to them etc etc.

Then go to the Nightwatchman Facebook page here  or here just before 8.30pm on Wednesday evening and you will see Marcus reading 20 questions – 13 of them general knowledge and 7 of them cricket-based. There will also be a tie-breaker question at the end, in case two or more teams tie for first place.

It’ll take about half an hour and then Marcus will give you 15 minutes to email in your answer sheets to

We will then post a list of scores on the Nightwatchman Facebook page here.

The winners (we are assuming teams of four, but really it’s however many you want) will receive four copies of the Best of the First Five Years of the Nightwatchman, posted out to four addresses your team provides.

As ever, no cheating allowed. We’ll just know. And so will you.

We’re not asking for anything to take part but would like to direct you towards the Pinch Hitter, a new digital interactive cricket magazine. Its aim is to provide freelancers with a vehicle to showcase their writing/podcasts/photos at a time when there is very little freelance work out there. It is available on a pay-what-you-can basis and the first issue can be found here along with more information about it, including how to donate. We will only be able to keep it going long-term if we get enough donations/payments, so please do give what you can.

If you would like to take part (or have any questions) please email – it would be useful if we can gauge numbers ahead of time.

Stay safe.

Matt Thacker
Managing Editor