How to donate to The Pinch Hitter

An interactive digital magazine, the Pinch Hitter was born from a desire to entertain cricket-lovers while supporting the freelance community during these difficult times. The magazine gives freelancers an outlet and aims to pay them on immediate terms for the stuff they produce.

The magazine need revenues to survives (the publishers, have sacrificed a decent chunk of their own salaries but this does not cover everything they would like to pay people) and is reliant on donations and people respecting the pay-what-you-can model.

Please give generously – the freelance community is hugely appreciative, but the Pinch Hitter is currently having to turn down hundreds of pitches as they do not have the resources to cope at present. And if you can’t afford to donate, that’s not a problem at all.

You are able to support the Pinch Hitter, either by making a one-off donation, donating for every issue you read, or paying whatever you can afford, whenever you can afford it, in the following ways:

1) Via direct bank transfer to the Pinch Hitter’s bank account (This is the best way to donate because bank fees are lower than PayPal fees)
Account name: Pinch Hitter
Sort code: 400517
Account number: 71515934

2) Via this Paypal button (Paypal account not required)

Support with PayPal

ALL of the money that goes from the general public into the Pinch Hitter bank and PayPal accounts will be used to continue producing the Pinch Hitter, paying freelancers worldwide to write brilliantly about what they love.

Thanks for your support!