Editor’s Choice – Issue 23

Managing Editor Matt Thacker makes his selection from the Autumn 2018 issue, a Roses rivalry special.  We publish one article from each edition, but you can see the rest if you subscribe or buy a single issue or four-issue bundle. Matt has opted for Scott Oliver’s essay on Todmorden CC.


It’s not often we have a themed issue of the Nightwatchman and when we do, it’s a slightly different editorial process. Rather than people sending us pieces, we think what we’d like in there, we canvass writers we rate and ask them for ideas, and then we decide who we’d like to write each bit. One of the ideas we had was something that straddled both Lancashire and Yorkshire. And Scott Oliver found is the perfect fit. Literally straddling the two counties, Todmorden CC is a mixed-up kid. And Scott, as ever, gives it heart and soul.




Matt Thacker, Autumn 2018