Christmas 2021 – order deadlines and gift orders

As always, the run-up to Christmas is a very busy time for Royal Mail, so please place your orders as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

The UK deadline for placing orders for pre-Christmas delivery is Sunday 19th December. We will do our best to get orders placed after this date to you before Christmas but we are unable to offer any guarantees.

The deadline for overseas customers depends on your delivery destination. Please see below for a list of deadlines for overseas destinations. Please note that due to Covid and customs backlogs, overseas deadlines aren’t guaranteed. We are currently unable to offer delivery to EU member states due to VAT implications, but we are hopeful this situation will be resolved in December. If you need any alternative or additional information, please email us via

Please note that we are only able to send merchandise to UK addresses and there are separate deadlines for merchandise orders. For pre-Christmas delivery, orders for mugs should be placed no later than Sunday 12th December and orders for other merchandise should be placed no later than Wednesday 8th December.

If you have missed the delivery deadline or have ordered an item that won’t arrive until after Christmas, you can request a gift certificate in the order notes when placing your order. We will email you the certificate which can be forwarded on or printed out as required.

If you have any other queries, please email

Overseas order deadlines:

Algeria 07-Dec
Andorra 13-Dec
Antigua and Barbuda 30-Nov
Argentina 07-Dec
Aruba 30-Nov
Australia 02-Dec
Bahamas 30-Nov
Bahrain 07-Dec
Barbados 30-Nov
Belize 05-Dec
Benin 05-Dec
Bermuda 05-Dec
Bosnia and Herzegovina 08-Dec
British Virgin Islands 30-Nov
Brunei Darussalam 02-Dec
Bulgaria 08-Dec
Canada 09-Dec
Canary Island 07-Dec
Cayman Islands 30-Nov
Channel Islands 12-Dec
Chile 05-Dec
China 30-Nov
Cocos (Keeling) Islands 02-Dec
Colombia 07-Dec
Comoros 05-Dec
Cook Islands 02-Dec
Dominica 30-Nov
Dominican Republic 30-Nov
Ecuador 05-Dec
Egypt 05-Dec
El Salvador 02-Dec
Falkland Islands 05-Dec
Faroe Islands 13-Dec
Federated States of Micronesia 02-Dec
Fiji 02-Dec
Greenland 09-Dec
Grenada 30-Nov
Guadaloupe 30-Nov
Guam 02-Dec
Guatemala 05-Dec
Guyana 05-Dec
Haiti 30-Nov
Honduras 02-Dec
Hong Kong 05-Dec
Iceland 12-Dec
India 02-Dec
Indonesia 02-Dec
Israel 05-Dec
Jamaica 30-Nov
Japan 05-Dec
Jordan 05-Dec
Liechtenstein 08-Dec
Macao 02-Dec
Macedonia 05-Dec
Madagascar 02-Dec
Malaysia 02-Dec
Maldives 05-Dec
Martinique 30-Nov
Mauritius 05-Dec
Monaco 09-Dec
Montenegro 08-Dec
Morocco 05-Dec
New Caledonia 02-Dec
New Zealand 02-Dec
Nicaragua 02-Dec
Norway 07-Dec
Oman 05-Dec
Peru 02-Dec
Philippines 02-Dec
Puerto Rico 02-Dec
Qatar 05-Dec
Reunion 02-Dec
Saint Helena 30-Nov
Saint Kitts and Nevis 30-Nov
Saint Lucia 30-Nov
Saint Pierre and Miquelon 30-Nov
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 30-Nov
Samoa 02-Dec
San Marino 08-Dec
Saudi Arabia 05-Dec
Serbia 05-Dec
Seychelles 02-Dec
Singapore 02-Dec
Solomon Islands 02-Dec
South Africa 02-Dec
South Korea 05-Dec
Sri Lanka 02-Dec
Suriname 02-Dec
Switzerland 12-Dec
Taiwan 02-Dec
Thailand 02-Dec
Trinidad and Tobago 30-Nov
Tunisia 05-Dec
Turkey 08-Dec
Ukraine 07-Dec
United Arab Emirates 07-Dec
United States 08-Dec
Uruguay 05-Dec
US Virgin Islands 30-Nov
Vanuatu 02-Dec
Vatican City 08-Dec
Vietnam 02-Dec