New EU VAT regulations

This month has seen the introduction of new Value Added Tax (VAT) and Duty regulations, relating to the movement of goods into EU member states from countries outside the EU.

As of 1st July, we – the publisher – have been obliged to pay the VAT on all deliveries to EU member states. These charges apply to all deliveries, including copies of magazines pertaining to subscriptions taken out prior to 1st July.

Because of these new charges it is untenable for us to fulfil the remaining issues that are due to existing EU subscribers.  As such, we will, unfortunately, need to cancel all EU subscriptions and refund any outstanding balance. As soon as we are able to offer EU subscriptions again, we will let affected customers know how they can set up a new subscription.

Likewise, we have had to temporarily suspend all sales to the EU. We are currently working with our suppliers to ensure we can resume selling to the EU as soon as possible. To do this we have to make sure that the appropriate amount of VAT is added at the point of purchase. This requires changes to our e-commerce set up, which we hope to complete in the next few weeks.

Please note that due to the set-up of our e-commerce platforms, we have had to suspend website sales to the whole of Europe, not just EU member states. If you want to buy the Nightwatchman for delivery to a European state outside of the EU, please contact us via

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience of disappointment caused by this situation. Unfortunately, these VAT changes came into effect with very little warning or explanation, resulting in many publishers being in a similar situation to us. Rest assured we are committed to resolving this situation as soon as we can.

If you have any questions about this situation please contact us via