Issue 38 – out now

Managing editor Matt Thacker introduces issue 38 of the Nightwatchman

I like this time of year. Summer’s a-comin’, the cricket season is starting to beat out its rhythm, the Almanack has appeared, county cricketers get their chance to make a name for themselves before the international stuff takes over and monopolises the headlines. Early season feels authentic, worthwhile. Full of possibility.

And it’s also the issue of the Nightwatchman where we publish the commended short stories from the Almanack’s annual writing competition. It is always a treat to read through these, to see the names of writers as yet unknown, of vastly different ages and backgrounds, who have sat down and consciously crafted their 500 words, give or take, about our beloved sport. It is a time of hope and of renewal.

The June issue is also where we showcase Wisden’s photography competition, featuring the best cricket photos from the last 12 months. We always get in touch ourselves with the photographers to ask them to add a few lines about the what, the why and the how of their photographs and we hope this gives a bit more context to the pictures.

Elsewhere in this issue we have our usual range of pieces. Sir Geoffrey Boycott has let Jon Hotten get inside his head to talk about that over from Michael Holding (under Fairfield Books we are publishing Geoff record of his 108 Test matches and this is just a sneak preview); Souvik Naha wonders what really went on in 1945; we’ve got two stories out of New Zealand; updates from South Africa and Pakistan; we get to ride on the underground in the 1930s; and we even travel back to late eighteenth and early nineteenth century Italy and forward to a post-apocalyptic world where, you’ll be pleased to know, cricket is still played thanks to the chance discovery of a set of Almanacks. Naturally.

Matt Thacker, June 2022

Issue 36 – editor’s choice

Managing editor Matt Thacker makes his selection from the Winter 2021 issue, Christopher Lane’s exploration of those bowlers who have taken all 10 wickets in an innings.

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A new beginning

In issue 26 of the Nightwatchman, Rob Steen reflected on how the first World Cup final united a teenage socialist with his Thatcherite stepfather.

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The life-changer

Dan Norcross salutes Tony Cozier, a man who played a key part in his childhood and career. First published in our Barbados special edition.

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Issue 33 – Editor’s choice

Managing editor Matt Thacker makes his selection from the Spring 2021 issue, Daniel Lightman’s investigation of Percy Fender’s treatment by the England selectors.

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Issue 32 – out now

The Winter 2020 edition of the Nightwatchman is out now. Managing editor Matt Thacker introduces the latest issue.

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Father’s Day 21st June

Our selection of print and digital editions, bundles and subscriptions are both special and convenient gift options this Father’s Day.

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Christmas gift ideas

Whether you’re buying for an avid subscriber or a Nightwatchman newbie, we’ve got plenty of options for stocking fillers this Christmas.

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Me, my dad and cricket…

With Father’s Day approaching, we’ve selected an extract from Patrick Neate’s essay from issue 1 on character, KP and his dad.

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Editor’s choice – issue 17

Managing Editor Matt Thacker makes his selection from the Spring 2017 issue. Matt has picked Simon Barnes’s piece on KP’s 2005 innings of rare genius.

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Issue 17 – out now

Matt Thacker introduces the latest issue of The Nightwatchman. The Oval is the focal point of this special edition.

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Barbados Special – out now

Ahead of Barbados’s 50th anniversary of independence celebrations, we’ve created a special issue of The Nightwatchman focusing on the island’s rich cricketing history.

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Issue 14 – out now

Issue 14 of The Nightwatchman is out now. Tanya Aldred introduces another eclectic and enchanting array of contributions.

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Free sampler

New to The Nightwatchman? We’ve put together an anthology of extracts from our first three years. Click the headline above to find out more and download a PDF for free.

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Issue 13 – out now

Issue 13 of The Nightwatchman is a county cricket special, featuring contributions relating to all of the first-class counties.

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Issue 11

The eleventh issue of The Nightwatchman is out now. This issue may, using batting order parlance, be last man in for our first XI but we trust its contribution to the total will be no less significant for that fact…

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Editor’s choice

Editor Tanya Aldred makes her selection from the Autumn 2015 issue: Hugh Chevalier’s piece reflecting on the similarities between the sad tales of Ben Stroud and Philip Hughes.

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Fun and fundraising

June 3 saw The Nightwatchman host our latest, devilishly tricky quiz, this time in aid of the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation.

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